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Integration with Toggl Time Tracking



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    William Callahan

    I'd add that Toggl is now effectively integrated with every mainstream Task and Project Management app available today: https://toggl.com/tools

    It would be great to see such an integration of tracking tasks and checklists within a project to see time associated with each task. We still have to do each step manually in each piece of software today. Thanks TaskRay team for looking into this. 

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    Nelson Ferreras

    This is a great idea. Toggl's google chrome extension makes life very easy while working online. 2 clicks and im tracking my time.

    It would be great if that time went to our taskray tasks,

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    Jeremiah Butler

    In my opinion this has to happen...I couldn't get my team to adopt the way TaskRay does time tracking but we launched and implemented Toggl in a week with all users' buy-in.


    Please add this integration!

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    Tiago Carmona

    It is a need!

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