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Quick Lock Tasks in Plan View




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    Alisa Gezalova

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for submitting this feature request! For the time being, have you or your users tried using the Plan View columns to lock and unlock the task dates? Could potentially save a few clicks and hopefully make things a little bit easier. To do this, go to Plan View and click on the icon in the Projects & Tasks sidebar header. In the picklist, select Lock Dates; this will add a column to the view. The cells within that column can be edited right from Plan View, so you should be able to toggle the lock/unlock dates from here. Hope this helps!

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    Ryan Livingston

    That is perfect! Works great. I hadn't thought of that. You can remove my idea or mark it delivered or whatever it is you do.


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    Alisa Gezalova

    Great, I am glad that this worked for you!

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