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TaskRay App usage report


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    Jeff Karlsson

    Hi Isaack,

    This is a good idea but the benefit probably depends on how each TaskRay customer defines usage. Does that mean actively working in TaskRay creating / editing projects, tasks, etc? Or does that mean simply viewing the board view, etc?

    If it's the former (i.e. track when someone actually does something) that is fairly easy to achieve today by using a lightning flow that runs on create / edit of TaskRay task or any other desired objects to update a custom date (or date/time if preferred) field we could create a user record called something like "Last TaskRay Activity Date" and populate it with TODAY() or NOW() values. Then you could make a simple user report and show this date value in any format desired (perhaps bucket values per the categories you've suggested here).

    If it's the latter (i.e. track when someone looks at TaskRay inside of Salesforce) then that's more difficult to do. If you are willing to accept the limitation of only being able to track this when someone opens an individual record lightning page for a task, project, etc. then this would be possible with a lightning component on the record page that does a field update similar to what I suggested above in a flow to fire when the page is loaded for the current user and updating a custom user field like "Last TaskRay Viewed Date" with TODAY() or NOW() values. If you want this to happen on the board view though I don't see how this is possible with a TaskRay update to that page itself. Seems like there is some workaround available now that might help on this like the above or even the old traditional approach of removing a TaskRay license and just giving it back if they reach out and actually need it, or proactively talking with managers / teams on need for TaskRay licenses and then managing usage / licenses that way.

    However overall this is a nice to have item I'm just not sure how high on the priority list it is for development by the team. In any case it has my vote for eventual release assuming you are looking for an update to the board view or otherwise. Thanks for sharing!

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