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Filter out finished tasks in Public Dashboard



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    Bethany Thorn

    Hi Vicky, 

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I wanted to let you know that the view automatically filters are tasks which are External Owner Complete = TRUE. This is a separate field from the List and Complete fields on the task. The reason for this is to allow Project Managers to audit the work that External Owners have done before they mark the task as List = Finished (or whatever the completed status is) and thereby Complete = TRUE. 

    It is possible to create a simple automation to link the External Owner Complete field to the List and Complete fields such that when an External Owner marks a task as complete on their side, it would automatically update the task to truly complete. 

    I will leave this idea open but wanted to let you know your options :) 

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    Vicky Wilson

    Hi Bethany,

    Thanks for your quick response.  I'm a little confused though as we have not yet shared the public dashboard with our customers, so the task is being marked as complete by the project owner, yet it still shows on the To Do list.

    Is this something we need to change in our config?

    Thanks, Vicky


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